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  1. DJI WKM yaw issues.
  2. S800 WKM Configuration
  3. First post
  4. 5.14a Update
  5. Gain setttings
  6. Updated firmware 5.14a NOW WON'T connect!!!
  7. Triple Red Flash Insanity
  8. Customer care, WKM MC replacement
  9. Help with WKM octo setup
  10. No automatic record of nose direction afte startup- Please help !
  11. futaba 6208sb with WKM/Zenmuse
  12. Warning! suspected bug v5.14a beta!
  13. POSTING VIDEO: DJI WooKong-M Unboxing, Installation and Testing
  14. F550's 2Axis Gimble for Nex5
  15. WKM - IMU Data Lost?
  16. No blue light for compass calibration.
  17. F550; WK-M; Spektrum DX8 with AR 8000 Build Question
  18. help with WKM please
  19. Can't see whole page on WK-M Assistant
  20. Fail safe/return home not working....
  21. S800 and Z15 strange behaviour in attitude mode
  22. Tuning hot CCW motors
  23. FUTABA 8FG RADIO on DJI 550 Hex
  24. How Many Colors?
  25. CS8 Stability with Wookong M
  26. Failsafe settings
  27. Upgraded to 5.12 firmware now motors 7 and 8 twitch on and off
  28. DJI Just Removed a YouTube Video - hex motor loss recovery
  29. DJI OSD? - Cart Before the Horse
  30. DJi WKM Assistant Software V 1.32 Values Problem.
  31. Failsafe with no GPS locked (with no satellites found)
  32. DJI old WKM units replacement policy?
  33. ZenMuse - Slightly Off Horizon
  34. Slow rotation speed of motors
  35. F550 WKM Gains
  36. DataLink single Waypoint Click and Go
  37. Cancelling Return To Home
  38. Wookong-M 5.12a unbelievable behavior and ultimate crash
  39. Leaving Well Enough Alone
  40. DJI Releases New Firmware?
  41. switching to manual mode
  42. Wookong M not connecting to software.
  43. aerial media pros big prop kit
  44. Wookong-M Firmware* v5.14 (users and spec)
  45. any of you have wk on an osd?
  46. Best laptop for Ground Station ops?
  47. where is the altitude sensor located?
  48. Wookong-M Failsafe, PPM - no blue confirmation in Assistant's Atti Mode bar
  49. "version does not match"
  50. attitude status bad indicator?
  51. 5.14 upgrade warning., test it !!!!!
  52. WKM and Graupner ppm sum
  53. White Light in GPS with 5.14
  54. White Light for S800 with Z15n
  55. breaking the Go-H
  56. Wookong GPS mode flying
  57. Seems Strange
  58. WKM and Hex
  59. Can't Activate IOC Modes
  60. Diagnosis: Bad ESC? Bad Motor?
  61. WKM Sudden Woes
  62. Wookong voltage issue
  63. ESC mid point 1520us ???
  64. Firmware bug in GPS Compass, notice from DJI
  65. AD6 much more stable in fail safe than it is in GPS mode
  66. WKM and toilet bowl dance
  67. Waypoint single
  68. Flashing green and the odd white light
  69. Recent Firmware Bug - Seeking clarification!
  70. DJI Ground Station - WP properties - HeadingDegree. FUNCTIONAL?
  71. WKM without GPS attached
  72. Dji wiki
  73. S800/WKM/Zen15 slowly changing response.
  74. Dji osd
  75. Video footage produced using waypoint flight
  76. WKM +GPS Solid white light at boot
  77. toolbox and photogrammetry tool
  78. Waypoint NAV issue - altitude offset best practice?
  79. Satellite Recall Updates
  80. 5.16 official release
  81. Release 5.16
  82. Windows 8
  83. 3rd Party ESC’s
  84. dji wkm Idle speed problem..
  85. When it all works so well - up into cloud base with the Wookong-M and iOSD
  86. WKM cold weather performance?
  87. Power Warning Help
  88. REQUEST TO DJI: Photogrammetric GPS and IMU data
  89. New WooKongM GPS Recall and ohm test of controller questions.
  90. iOSD and WKM
  91. How difficult is the setup?
  92. WKM GPS V2 vs V3
  93. DJI 450 + WKM Gain Settings?
  94. Relinquishing ownership of Wookong?
  95. WKM Gimbal BEC or No BEC who uses
  96. S800, WooKong, Cinestar Gimbal
  97. DJI 5.8GHZ Video Downlink (Transmitter + Receiver)
  98. Calibrating ESCs from raw data or Manual mode
  99. LiFe Batteries and Voltage Protection
  100. Needing clarification on WKM Waypoint c/w datalink
  101. power requirements with secraft retracts
  102. WKM Power Cable
  103. Calibration WKM & S800
  104. Registration Problems
  105. WKM connectors and Spektrum AR8000?
  106. WKM S800 Mounting X-Y-Z
  107. i dont get it to fly ...
  108. Wookong M & Spectrum DX7 setup
  109. WKM with Sky Jib 8 in windy conditions
  110. Stock DJI 550 Motors "How Long Do They Live"
  111. manual mode flying, fast descending is not quite
  112. Full house setup for an S800?
  113. What is more stable?
  114. question to all wkm users out there
  115. Recommendation for initial gain settings on F550/WKM?
  116. Poi
  117. I in the sky - UAV Drone - video
  118. Unable to stabilize my Cinestar gimbal with WKM
  119. Voltage protection settings
  120. GPS and Failsafe
  121. S 800 flips
  122. DJI Ground Station
  123. Wookong m with Graupner MX20
  124. A fresh overview and Depth Walkthrough of WKM
  125. How much Ampere from DJI Wookong M
  126. 900 mhz data antenna location for the S800?
  127. Can-bus ports
  128. GCS - Ground Control Station installation failure!
  129. Vertical gains with basic?
  130. Two motors stopped mid flight.
  131. RTH bug in WKM
  132. Wookong-M Functionality Notes
  133. Single Op Radio Set up using 8FG tx and R6208SB rx, S800 and Zenmuse
  134. DJI Datalink receiver - unrecognised device
  135. DJI iOSD not working :(
  136. Wookong Woes
  137. Really impressed by WooKong and Z15
  138. WKM - SkyJib - MayTech ESC... really need to cut the red wire?
  139. Any DJI Ground Station experts?
  140. DJI Ground Station - missing(?) features
  141. Gimbal Stabilization
  142. WKM with SBus - channel mapping?
  143. DJI iOSD Released Software
  144. WKM 5.18 Firmware update available
  145. A couple of ground station questions
  146. Rapid Green Light
  147. POI problems
  148. Dji WKM + Data Link + octo frame = instability
  149. Autopilot Gains
  150. 2nd RC for gimbal control - WK-M wiring
  151. Motor loss on octo
  152. LED/GPS outage
  153. Shall I get rid of Manual Mode?
  154. Strange motor beep on power up
  155. WKM and JR 11x problems
  156. Fast ascent causes quad to bank and pitch. Need help.
  157. Fw 5.20 - (5.18 need upgrade)
  158. Tx Calibration Problem
  159. wkm in very cold condition
  160. wkm will not RTH!
  161. M1 stopped - latest WKM with latest firmware
  162. WKM will not calibrate
  163. Preventing a MR from taking off inadvertently
  164. WKM waypoint HEIGHT OFFSET
  165. HomeBuilt GoPro3 Gimbal
  166. “iOS Ground station” and “iOS assistant software” beta test
  167. Wookong/S800 Battery causing Yaw
  168. Inadequate stabilization in windy conditions
  169. DJI Wookong in the Antartica
  170. is wookong flipping still a problem ?
  171. S800 Landing Gear
  172. Porky S800 need a diet?
  173. DJI WKM new software help
  174. best battery for maximum flight time
  175. regarding IMU
  176. what would be a good setting for 2 Lipo battery
  177. Altitude calibration - when?
  178. Datalink receiver - what am i doing wrong!!?
  179. Wkm 2.4 ghz waypoint datalink compatibility
  180. WKM with T-Motor 40A Esc
  181. WKM v.5.20 experiences
  182. Help! S-800 drops altitude, white lights!
  183. Why use the RTH switch?
  184. X with O, Mixed up the S800 Arms
  185. DJI Release Ground Station software v4.0.7
  186. DJI WooKong-M New LED With iOS Assistant Software
  187. Calculating the figures for the battery monitor
  188. Bluetooth Led module: first impressions
  189. DJI Announces 5.21 Beta Firmware
  190. OSD version 2
  191. Led Light Problems (Burned colors)
  192. using 3x gimbal with dji wkm
  193. Responsive Tech Support :-)
  194. Good Professional Aerial Videos Collections(WKM+S800+Zenmuse)
  195. IOSD Doesn't appear to show correct info on laptop download
  196. Launching S800/Zenmuse WKM from a moving boat???
  197. Not able to fly after firmware update, Help!
  198. Configuring Wookong M (newbie)
  199. LK900 connection problem.
  200. DJI WK-M 5-Waypoint Activation
  201. Has gimbal control been improved?
  202. DJI GS 4.0.7 problems
  203. Wookong M and Multistar ESC?
  205. No GPS after crash
  206. Frsky
  207. Attitude status bad!! 3 white flashes in all conditions!!
  208. Herky-Jerky WKM during RTH
  209. DJI Release 5.22 Firmware
  210. has any one used DJI WKM new softwarev2
  211. DJI released WKM Firmware 5.22 and LED-BT-I (Bluetooth indicator)
  212. Gps instability and go home woes
  213. Compass WILL NOT calibrate
  214. AD8-HL + WKM + AV130 + Nex5 Gimbal gains
  215. No Motor Action - WKM
  216. WKM - Manaul Mode
  217. Advice on "old" WKM and M800
  218. WK refresh - recommendations
  219. Zeal Tape on S800?
  220. WKM Advanced Parameters!
  221. WKM: heading to Southern Hemisphere from US
  222. WKM AutoPilot tuning parameters
  223. how to get rid of twitchy behavior??!!
  224. GPS Exporter
  225. Any way to check vibration levels?
  226. Problem with WKM
  227. WKM Home Position Flashes Green...then Blue
  228. Wkm led flashes red in atti mode
  229. Motors not starting up all the time
  230. Dumb Question... trimming my copter for manual mode
  231. Dji iOSD Application Good News if you own one..
  232. Link for 5.20 download?
  233. naza m v2 Question
  234. Wookong M Single Waypoint Danger!
  235. 2nd Level voltage protection
  236. Solid red light on WKM Main Controller
  237. DJI WKM motor does not shut down all at once
  238. what is the safest voltage before u bring ur copter down
  239. beeping
  240. Drifting after yawing
  241. Where's DJI?
  242. Datalink 900MHz vs 2.4GHz
  243. Wookong M Octocopter gain settings and issues
  244. DJI Release Ground Station software* v4.0.8
  245. Strange WKM behaviour FW 5.20
  246. Help please, instability when descending..??
  247. Covering Pressure Hole?
  248. Is DJi comming with new WKM?
  249. Can I transfer WKM Waypoint to another MR?
  250. What is this new A2M flight controller I'm hearing about?