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Thread: Hello from Dubai

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    Hello from Dubai

    I purchased the XY8 Bartman had for sale here a while back. So far, it has made a stellar conversation piece as it has faithfully propped up our wii sensor in the living room. That was then, this is now... Now I have the lipo's the 9503, and the strong desire to put her in the air. Too many hours spent on simulators, time to find out if they were good for anything.

    Still in the process of getting everything going (did you know mikrokopter comes with a learning curve??) so I'm glad to have a community that knows their stuff.

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    welcome and good luck
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    Thanks mate, I'll need it!

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    Welcome to the forum.....there is another guy from Dubai on this forum:

    ....maybe you can team up with him....

    I don't get angry anymore....hoorey to the products of the pharma industry !

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    Welcome!! Were over in Qatar. Youve got a nice rig there!! Toss her up youre gonna love it!!
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