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Thread: Hedwig 4.0 - A 3D printed FPV Quad

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    Hedwig 4.0 - A 3D printed FPV Quad

    So, lets get this startet.

    My name is Hans Peder, I come from Denmark and got into the hobby last year. I was not happy with the frames you could buy (to big, to small, to ugly, not flexible enough etc.) so I quickly decided to try and make my own, as I love making things.

    The first few versions of the frame was less than idea, but I learned tonnes of stuff. The latest revision, Hedwig 3.0 looks like this:

    I Have always wanted to make the quad transportable, so I got my hands on a peli 1560 clone, and tried to make it so everything would fit into that, along with maybe my dslr camera as I often like to bring that along in a seperate bag.

    Currently, that is looking like that. But I am not taking out more foam, since I have a new design that will be printed within the weekend. This design is more compact than the old, and have less parts sticking out right and left. I present to you, Hedwig 4.0:

    The new 4.0 frame is quite compact and is 66*130*130 mm on the wides places with the topcover on. This is a huge improvement over the old flimsy frame and camera holder.

    Beneath the fpv cam, a GoPro mount can be placed in case I want to record second hand video in HD. But I have not made this permanent, as I most likely wont use it all the time.

    I hope you like the design, and maybe can come with suggestions for future upgrades The frame should be ready next weekend, so more pictures then
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    Got the final layout for the transport case. Got room for everything, and also my DSLR and a spare lense!

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    Almost ready for test flight:

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    Hello and welcome.....very well done. Looks like you put a lot of thinking into your copter....lots of nice details.
    I am not criticizing, but I like funky colours.....could you also print in red or bright green ???

    What CAD software are you using, and what printer ?

    PS: You are most propably like me.....building, building, building....and very rarely flying

    Again...very good stuff. Please keep posting...

    I don't get angry anymore....hoorey to the products of the pharma industry !

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    Thanks man!

    I am using Autodesk Inventor, and a Dimension ST1200 printer. I really love designing and trying to make it as compact and clever as possible, so yeah, I am proberly more of a builder guy I love the idea of having EVERYTHING tuckered nicely inside a suitcase for transportation:P

    And I can print in all the colors of the rainbow. Right now I only have white material though. Each new rolle of material is 260$

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    looks great - i really like your GoPro FPV camera tray/case. What material are you using with your 3dprinter?

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    Thanks man. Though I will not be using that tray anymore dou to the new design.

    The printer prints in ABS. It is the most sturdy material since PLA breaks to easy

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    i do like that integrated FPV cam that is cool. you have several really well thought out features on that thing. Ive got a 3d printer on he way and a stack of ideas

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    Thanks man! What printer are you getting?

    Update time! I hope to have her done tomorrow

    This is how the top and main part looks when connected. This will hopefully make her more sturdy in rain (not that I will fly on purpose in rainy weather) but is more to do so that wires wont be hanging everywhere.

    Under the shell you can see that I have put the video transmitter in, along with the OSD, camera and a OSD voltage detector. I still need to get everything cut to length and tuckered away nicely.

    A closer look at the wires.

    In the bottom I have made room for 4 mm nuts since I would not make threads in the plastic. These will be glued in place with epoxy.

    First two in. They fit very tight, so no fear of these popping out anytime soon.

    And the rest. Here you can also see the holes for the battery velcro straps, and the mount for the GoPro mount.

    Top with everything loosely fittet. I just need to solder connectors for the ESCīs and then get it all mounted with strips, vecro and double sided tape and we should be golden!

    The new legs with room for ESCīs. i still need to sleeve the wires on these to make it look a little better.

    All the mess in the works.

    And with the top on, and how she will hopefully look in a few days, ready for flight.

    I hope you like it!
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    She is flying!

    7 min flight time with a 2200mah battery. Still need to tune her in, and get some vibration dampening tape beneath the KK2.0 and the vtx.

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