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Thread: Drones in Dubai to monitor crowds

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    Drones in Dubai to monitor crowds

    By*Mohammad El Sadafy Dubai Police will use a small unmanned aircraft designed and produced by Maher bin Haider to monitor football fans in the stadiums, according to Major General Mohammad Eid Al Mansouri . The aircraft has been tried in the presence of Major General Al Mansouri, his deputy Brigadier General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi and a number of other crisis management officers. Major General Al Mansouri said this aircraft, the first of its kind in UAE, has the capacity to be up in the air for an hour, accurate imaging and its live broadcast to the police operations room. He said the aircraft will be used in the final match of the Etisalat Cup football tournament. Bookmark It Hide Sites


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    A phantom, sprayed black? 1 hr endurance??

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    Of course it can stay up an hour. MAJOR GENERAL Al Mansouri says it can therefore it can. Are you questioning a MAJOR GENERAL?
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    Ha! It really is just a black Phantom. That camera looks familiar too. I guess with ten lipos you'll get an hour!
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    Ahh yes, the joys of working in the Middle East.
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    <Somebody good good money for spraying phantoms to Black
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