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Thread: ZENMUSE GOPRO H3-2D Brushless Gimbal ARRIVED at Aerial Media Pros

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    ZENMUSE GOPRO H3-2D Brushless Gimbal ARRIVED at Aerial Media Pros

    FedEx delivered a little surprise to Aerial Media Pros today

    The new ZENMUSE GOPRO H3-2D Brushless Gimbal to be installed and tested.

    I am probably not alone, when I say that we have been anxiously waiting for this bad boy to arrive

    Right out of the box, I can tell that DJI really put some RnD into this gimbal. Very well machined, and incredibly light. Weighing in at only 164 grams, This is by far going to be the lightest of the GoPro Brushless gimbals.

    Just like its big brother counter part, The H3-2D has all the wiring for motors and wireless video nicely worked into the gimbal itself. So no messy wires hanging about. There is a real nice docking port that your GoPro 3 slides right into. This gets the video out, so it can be used with your transmitter. A video out plug is included. It looks like a regular stereo plug, and it plugs into the H3-2D's PMU unit. The opposite end is left with the 3 main cables coming out, a Red +, Black -, and yellow for Video. That can be wired into any 12 video transmitter, making it a very simple and tidy installation.

    I am attaching a few pics for this eve. Tomorrow, I will try to get some time and go fly this bad boy around. I will post some more pics and video as soon as I get them I am really looking forward to putting this through some paces.

    Keep in mind, this was just sent to us for initial tesing. No release date, or price has been given to me yet.

    Stay tuned for a full review ........

    Pre-Order Here


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    Hi is the gopro lens location correct, offset from centre or is the camera placed the wrong way round?
    Thanks and regards - bruce

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    If no prices are available yet and you can't buy the Zenmuse, this means that DJI is actually paying you for publishing this report, so we can see this as advertisment?
    Does the Video Transmission actually work? I've read from other advertisments that this is the only thing that is still not working.

    Actually I also hope that this is a Joke that we see the PCB, is there a Shielding for it, a backplate or something like this?
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    That looks great. I have a Yun-1 I have been testing and it is pretty messy, wires everywhere and pretty big for a GoPro, it works but the SW and tuning is pretty primitive. It is a product that looks like an experiment. The DJI version looks like a Pro package.

    As soon as this kit arrives I will be selling my Yun-1 kit all set up and ready for a F550.

    I will definitely be ordering this when the 3 axis version is shipping.

    I have a Zenmuse on an S800 and it is incredible good, very nice engineering, super smooth. This looks like a smaller version. I plan to hang it on a F550 or possible even a F450 if the specs allows. This will be a perfect companion to the S800/Zen combo.

    I always like to have 2 kits when I show up for a shoot. It is great to have second small setup.

    Patrick keep us updated on your results. This smaller setup will be perfect for a boating shoot I have scheduled this September, hand launching and catching a S800 rig is quite a task, I hope the 3 axis will be available by then, if not I will get the 2 axis version.


    I just pre ordered, I actually think staying more compact 2 axis will be fine for the second cam. There is always warp stabilizer in AE to take out the yaw hunting.
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    Will this only be for the phantom our will you be able to hang it from the F550 all I see is advertisement for the phantom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by olof View Post

    I just pre ordered, I actually think staying more compact 2 axis will be fine for the second cam. There is always warp stabilizer in AE to take out the yaw hunting.
    Your addicted

    I also like that they really do RnD, so much (chinese) ppl out there without knowledge doing everything wrong. Most ppl even don't understand why the GoPro Lens isn't in the middle...

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    It looks great. I am looking forward to your impressions and the videos. I want one as well. Not hitting the preorder yet but soon.

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    If I knew what the price was going to be I might be tempted if it was reasonable. Then again, with the success I'm having with the current crop of brushless GoPro gimbals I doubt that I'd want to pay their asking price which is likely to be 2 to 3X what the others are going for. Yes, having it all neatly packaged with the extra bells and whistles is nice but in the long run will it actually perform better than the less expensive competition? Have to wait and see I guess, not sure that it can though...

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    Can you tell us what kind of controls exist for the GoPro Hero3? Does it support photo shutter (i.e. taking a photo) and start/stop video? How about other controls such as the Field Of View?

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    As I told before, the BackPack GoPro Port isn't working yet on the Beta-Models.

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