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Thread: NAZA M Lite problems

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    NAZA M Lite problems

    I recently purchased an DJI F550 frame wheel kit with the naza m lite and gps unit. Upon setting everything up all all motors spin in correct direction and props are on correct motors. However when I go to lift off 3 motors overpower the others causing the copter to spin. I can control the direction it spins though. Ive looked for hours trying to find answers but no luck. Im stumped and very frustrated please help.
    DJI F550
    Naza m lite w/gps
    stock motors and esc 30A
    2100 mAh 3s 20C lipo

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    I have the same setup.

    NAZA facing forward
    GPS puck mounted correctly
    Re-check motor rotation
    Re-check correct props on motors
    Calibrate compass
    Check DX7 yaw trim

    What does Assistant show for sticks monitor? Is the Rudder slider centered?

    How are you controlling the yaw?


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    Sounds like the GPS puck is mounted backwards. When mine fell off it's stick once (don't ask) it did pretty much what the OP is describing.

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    Hi Everyone,

    The GPS puck is mounted facing towards the front of the copter, in the Y6 setup, I watched some videos on youtube and found how to calibrate compass and i belive that it worked because the lighting sequence was right according to the video.
    The DX7s Yaw is centered in the assistant and on the transmitter.
    Any other ideas? possibly reseting the NAZA and redoing everything as far as setup with switches and such.
    Could it be a problem with the AR8000 reciever and having it not binded correctly.

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    Just to be sure, you have the wire for the GPS puck towards the front of the copter, yes?

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    I would go back and check your settings in Naza Assistant, make sure controls are all correct direction.

    If you have not bound the AR8000 correctly you would not be able to arm it.

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    Everything in the NAZA assistant software shows it's normal, thanks for all the input guys!
    Do any of you know if It will matter if it's in attitude gps or manual mode?

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    Y6, huh?

    You flying it as a hexa or Y6?

    If Y6, you sure all the props are facing up? The bottom ones should be "upside down" when mounted on the motor.

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    *v 6 sorry
    \. /.
    -- --
    /. \
    Like that,
    I think it might be a naza problem with the firmware or the flight control system itself.

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