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Thread: Replacement After Market Motors for the XAircraft X650 V4/8

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    Replacement After Market Motors for the XAircraft X650 V4/8

    Over the weekend while bench testing the X650 V8 I noticed one of my motors was running way hot...where the other seven were not even a bit warm. Noticed the top motor above the hot one has the motor can completely detached (glad I found this out before a test flight). After taking the top motor apart, I find the e-clip that holds everything together can only guess now why the lower motor is running hot. Take the bottom motor apart to find the clip stuck to the magnet side and a significant rub scar along the motor. Everything was put back together and tested again...everything seemed okay for the moment without props.

    As the craft in the air, the lower right does not spool up like the others. Eventually it kicks in but cuts out intermittently at around 25% throttle while the others are still humming along. I was able to do some test flights but the craft would dip and favor the rear right side. Obviously the motor has some damage...enough to where I won't fly with it.

    Getting a replacement motor via CNC Helicopter (Who I might add promptly took care of this...KUDOS!) but as the title suggests...I'm looking for opinions on after market replacement motors for the future? Which ones work and fit the stock mounts on the X650?

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    I agree CNC Heli quite good support. I am not sure about the replacement motor tho but they look to work well with the camera mount/GoPro combo and 400gram++ batt. Like you my motors are getting hot but probably due to the 11x5 prop and 2.56Kg AUW. I am considering to put AXI 2217/22 SS on it but I think my V8 is getting out of budget specially it will need new ESC as well. I will park on your thread in hope that someone might suggest alternative motors without burning my pocket

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    I have been toying with the idea of getting a V8 for a spare machine that travels. I keep reading all kinds of problems with the electronics, is that generally what is wrong or does it work ok in the right hands would you say? The Tiger motors would be my first choice for any replacement motors. Often rebadged.
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    Fellows...Jeff over at CNC recommended these motors as "direct fit" replacements for the stock XA motors

    I have not purchased these ($32 each) but in the event I don't have great success with the XA's I'll give them a try.

    Denny...I've gotten about 4 test flights in with my V8 so far, awaiting the replacement motor. So far it has flown well. I've seen some of the issues others have seen such as: random throttle increase, slight yaw drift (but is was tested in 15mph wind conditions). I'd need to get more time in on calmer days to see if the wind had much to do with it. Right now my configuration is with all stock parts...I have Graupner props on the way. Flying with an Aurora 9, with a 4S 5300mah lipo pack (GensAce). Still have some tweaking to do yet. Overall it's gone as expected, I went with the XA x650 V8 as an affordable entry for getting into AP. I considered the Gaui 330xs as well at one time but felt I had better payload options with XA. The heaviest camera I'll put on this will be the Canon G12.

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    Denny...also to answer your question about "does it work in the right hands?" A friend of mine who's a 5-6 year heli guy took the sticks...flipped it into gyro mode and took off doing figure 8's and pushing it a little bit. As a guy who is very new to RC it was comforting to see it fly well...and even with an ailing motor it performed like I thought it should. I haven't pulled the video off my camera but I'll get it tonight and post it.

    Back to the subject though...I've heard good things about the AVROTO motors...not sure how they fit with the stock XA mounts though.

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    Ya - I had some issues I was seeing with my x650v8 but after getting to a point where I did not trust the craft I decided to take a bigger plunge, I went out and purchased a wookong-m. At that time I had to up grade the esc, however even after that, although it flew fine with no payload once I started getting it up to 2200g I did not like what I was seeing. I had a few crashes probably my fault more then the crafts, however some craft faults, and so on. At that time I decided for my purposes I want to make sure i was at the best position I could be at. I then purchased 4 new motors (avroto 2814 - fit right on the current xaircraft motor mounts), I had to add a one very small washer to add space over factory set screws - for better alignment) and ESC's that could handle the new motors demands (Maytech Harrier 30amp).

    So far I am still in the testing stages however what I am seeing has me much happier with my decisions, there is a difference.

    I like Jeff he will not steer you wrong, he's where I bought all my stuff from to start, thumbs up to him

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    Hey Jack... so when you made the conversion to the WK-M did you go with 4 motors, or keep it at 8? It seems most people are doing 4, but i'm dying to find someone that has keep it coaxial.

    I think I'm going to take the same steps you did this week. Any tips or 'gotcha' moments you encountered that I might avoid?


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    @Ryan, That seems to be a good motor but I think it will not fit my needs as I want to use 11x5 blades my v8. I also found another motor the other day the T700 2216 or 2212. Maybe prefer the later so I can still use the 12A AKE ESC I got from Jeff. Like Jack I have the DJI combo with v650 v8. I have no issues flying with the default motor but video shows vibration specially with Sony HX9V. With GoPro it maybe a bit forgiving but still the image is not that sharp. At this point I only think its either the 11x5 prop that I drilled 9mm hole, maybe off center and the mount.

    Anyway, hope you get good results with your test.

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    the avrotos motors are MUCH bigger than the stock Xa motors. Avrotos are 30amp motors, Xa are 10 amp motors. no comparison. but after having broken props and a frozen motor, I would put anything in there i could find. Seems like you would do fine with some equivalent. turnigy's and some graupner 11x5's. Just a guess.

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    Interesting thread as I am reading and reading more about the 650 V8 that I am considering ... keep the information coming as I am not buying one soon


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