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Thread: using the panosonic GH3 with 5.8 fpv HELP!!

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    using the panosonic GH3 with 5.8 fpv HELP!!

    Hey guys I just bought a GH3 after seeing some other guys using it for AP, I got the camera and I cant get the live video to play, I am using a iftrontec Mondo stinger 5.8 1.5w TX and a yellow jacket 5.8 RX and a freefly HDMI converter. I know all those parts work bc they work with my 7D. Anyone out there using their gh3 and are able to see what they are recording through camera via FPV please advise me on what I am doing wrong, My camera firmware is 1.2. DJI has produced a zenmuse for the gh3 so clearly you have to be able to shoot with this combo and see waht you are shooting. PLEASE HELP!!!

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    I use GH3 with FF hdmi converter and works great with any tx/rx systems. My settings for output are pal/16:9/576p/info on. Not sure if there's any other settings for hdmi output. Have you checked the hdmi output works with TV or any other hdmi device?

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    So my settings should be NTSC/16:9?576p/info on, I have not been able to plug it into any other source due to not having a mini hdmi to regular hdmi plug. See this is what I am stumped on, I know people are using it with FPV I cant even figure out where to go in the camera to change the output settings. I just see a play back option not a live view setting.

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    Check the hdmi out on a tv first.
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    Is it possible you have to use a genuine Panasonic HDMI cable?, If not I have tried using two different hdmi cables and I did order a Panasonic just in case that was the issue. Kari are you using a genuine Panasonic cable with your set up?

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    As above, try adjusting your HDMI out settings.
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