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Thread: DJI PHANTOM 2 Launched!

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    DJI is going to release an FPV Hub Kit for Phantom 2!

    PHANTOM 2 FPV HUB kit contains only cables and the FPV HUB to make connections convenient, easy and thus removing the need to do soldering when connecting them to
    a iOSD mini,iOSD Mark II or a DJI specified wireless video transmission module AVL58. Only 4 cables require soldering if users opt to use a wireless video transmission
    that’s not specified by DJI.

    Choose devices collocation used with FPV-HUB according to required functions.

    For wireless video transmission, the ALV58 is recommended for easy connection, using a HUB-AVL58 cable.

    Collocation 1: Wireless video transmission module connected

    1)Stop the Micro switch at VID position if only wireless video transmission module is connected to the FPV HUB.
    2)Wireless video transmission module is an alternative to AVL58 or others unspecified. If using the AVL58, connect it
    to the FPV HUB via HUB-AVL58 cable. If using other wireless video transmission module, connect it to the FPV HUB
    via HUB-VTX cable according to pins description of the HUB-VTX cable.

    Collocation 2&3: iOSD mini/iOSD MARK II and video transmission module connected

    1)It’s alternative to use iOSD mini or iOSD Mark II.
    2)Stop the Micro switch at OSD position when iOSD is connected to the FPV HUB.
    3)Please refer to Collocation1 to connect the wireless video transmission module.

    (1)If using the FPV HUB, the original 4-Pin cable and video cable on PHANTOM 2 will be spared, please remove and clear them out.
    Make sure the video cable is totally cleared without any copper wire left to prevent short circuit damage.
    (2)All connection operations should be conducted when the intelligent battery is powered off.
    (3)Check whether pins of the connectors on the FPV HUB are straight and in good condition before connecting. Pls plug and unplug
    the connector carefully to avoid damage or short circuit.
    (4)It’s not recommended to install the FPV HUB and extended devices inside the PHANTOM 2 aircraft.
    (5)Make sure to install the AVL58 away from the compass to avoid interference.
    (6)FPV HUB is non water-proof, if it is wet, please wash it with alcoholic cleanser and dry it before use. Otherwise components may
    be damaged cause of electrochemical corrosion.
    (7)Do not leak any metal, conductive objects into the connector pins of FPV HUB to prevent short circuit damage.
    (8)It’s not recommended to use cables not in the kit to connect devices to avoid unexpected damage.
    (9)Make sure the connection is correct when using non-DJI recommended wireless video transmission module.

    (1)FPV HUB has a resettable fuse for over circuit precaution. The fuse will automatically open if the working current of power consuming
    devices (except DJI Zenmuse series) goes over 2A or if VCC and GND short circuited to prevent damage. After the short circuit trouble
    issued or the over current load is removed, turn off the power of the intelligent battery, the fuse will recover after 10secs.
    (2)A component will be damaged if PHANTOM 2 has been short circuit once. In this condition, users still can use the FPV HUB and make
    the PHANTOM 2 work well again, ignoring the damaged component.
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    DJI released new firmware for Zenmuse H3-2D!

    What’s new?


    Optimized user experience when using the PHANTOM 2 remote controller for Zenmuse H3-2D pitch control.

    Important notes for PHANTOM 2 users:

    For users of the PHANTOM 2 with Zenmuse H3-2D, one must adhere to following steps to upgrade the remote controller firmware.

    1)Use the PHANTOM RC Assistant software to upgrade the remote controller firmware to V1.0.1.11.
    2)Calibrate the sticks and X1 channel of the remote controller using the PHANTOM RC Assistant software.
    3)Use the PHANTOM 2 Assistant software to upgrade the Gimbal IMU firmware to V1.8 via Upgrade page.
    4)After the upgrade is completed, calibrate the X1 channel of the main controller using the PHANTOM 2 Assistant software to ensure compatibility of PHANTOM 2 and the Zenmuse H3-2D.

    Please click here for more information.

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    Does mac assistant software work with WKM version 1,or just[ A2,phantom 2,&phantom 2 vision,] I SURE HOPE SO if not I would definitely not buy one ever again,fingers crossed regards Steve.

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