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Thread: Turnigy 9x range and FrySky upgrade

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    Turnigy 9x range and FrySky upgrade

    I am in the market for a Turnigy 9x TX to use on a new F450/550 I will be ordering. As this is my multicopter I don't want to shell out too much cash thus the low cost TX. My only worry is losing transmission and the quad comes crashing down. I understand that a FrySky upgrade for the T9x provide a fail safe mode and also extends the workable range. Anyone with experience with this? is it a worthwhile upgrade?


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    I use a 9x to control the gimbal and have never had problems with range. There is a fail safe setting on the TX for programming the RX but I've never tried it.

    We use the FRsky module and RX with an old Sanwa RD8000 (beacuse we already had it) and that works fine controlling an AD6 so would recommend the FRsky stuff too. Fail safe works fine with the DJI too.

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