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Thread: Naza Failsafe and Dx6i

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    Naza Failsafe and Dx6i

    So, I guess the failsafe feature on the Naza won't work with the Dx6i?

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    it should, you gotta bind it a little differently. try making one of the switches on the man/atti switch to failsafe. turn off any throttle warning alerts on the tx. plug your bind plug into the rx, boot it up, remove the bind plug and it should remain blinking. make sure throttle is above 10%, i run mine 40% and make sure failsafe switch is engaged, press your bind button and boot up the tx. let it bind till the lights on the rx come on, then shut it all down, get your failsafe switch setting back what you need it to be and you should be able to turn off your tx with naza plugged in with motor cuttof green and shut off your tx to see it show failsafe on and the throttle over 10%

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    The 6XXX series of receivers does not allow for preset failsafe in the receiver. Some of the 7XXX's do. The 8XXX and 9XX definitely do. If you are using a receiver that allows preset failsafe the above procedure is correct.

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