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Thread: Turnigy 9x + DJI Wookong M calibration help please

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    Question Turnigy 9x + DJI Wookong M calibration help please

    I am a total newbie to anything RC and this is my first attempt at this hobby. The whole Tx menu and settings are alien to me. After watching many videos and trying to grasp the manual with my F450 DJI Wookong M, I finally hooked up everything. I am totally stuck on why my motors are not turning when I do the Combination Stick Commands. Please see my photos and the Transmitters and receivers I am using. I have a feeling its the Turnigy stock receivers or I do not know how to setup the Tx

    Short Video:

    Attempt #1
    Turnigy 9x Tx modded to er9x firmware in HELI mode
    Turnigy 9X8C v2 Receiver
    Calibration is out of wack, Elevator doesnt go all the way in one direction. Had an RC airplane friend look at Tx but he couldn't figure it out either.

    Attempt #2Turnigy 9x Tx (I have 2 Txs, this one is stock) in ACRO mode
    Turnigy 9X8C v2 Receiver
    Calibration seemed to go well, but the Combination Stick Commands did not move the motors.

    Future Attempt #3
    Turnigy 9x - er9x firmware
    FrSky D8R-II 2.4ghx ACCST Telemetry Receiver
    Results coming in a couple of days.....

    DJI WOOKONG LED LIGHTS - 3 red and 1 blue flash (at one point it had a green solid light, but it never happened after that, don't know what I did to get a green solid light)

    DJI SOFTWARE - All I have really done is clicked on Quad-rotor X, and the Tx Calibrations to see if the Tx is binded and working and then I clicked on Write, software didnt give any indication it was writing or was done with writing.

    If anyone can help me via skype or something that would be appreciated, I've checked every imaginable youtube video out there and I can't seem to find the problem. Have I wired up something wrong? Feel free to ask for anymore videos or photos.
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    looks like you forgot to connect the u channel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinnygogo View Post
    looks like you forgot to connect the u channel.
    Thanks vinnygogo, I connected it on channel 5 on the receiver, now how do I program the Tx?

    I am in the mixer menu and for Channel 5 Source I have these options (CH1 -16, PPM1-8, CYC1-3, Full, Half, P1-P3, RUD, THR, ELE) Is this the right menu I should be looking at?

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    you have to go to channel endpoint adjustment, and adjust you endpoints until the boxes of gps, atti and manual lit up in the right position of the switch. search a bit on youtube about setting up the software of a wookong, and you wil understand

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    Thanks ive seen those videos, but there really is no good video on Turnigy 9x adjustment, I am going through the manual I've finally got it calibrated and switch is working for GPS and Atti, but wont go to Manual or highlight yet. So I am getting there, thanks for your help.

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    So I finally got it all setup, seems I had to configure the whole Tx from scratch after reading the whole manual, now I better appreciate this Tx I have the 3 position switch working for GPS, ATTi, and Manual ......... BUT........I think the Turnigy 9x cannot do Failsafe according to this post:
    - I do have the FrSky, which has the fail-safe feature so I will install that later today.

    My only problem is the motors still dont trigger with the combination stick commands.
    - I have cut the red wire for the escs, but my programming card doesnt seem to work, so I dont know if governor is off, break off and normal startup are set or not.
    After typing the above I started trying CSC combos going upwards (manual shows all downward direction).....and they finally started purring!!
    - I tried the throttle reverse feature to see if that is the problem but the CSC commands didnt work at all when I turned it ON, so I left it off. Any suggestions?

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