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Thread: Official NAZA GPS thread

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    Official NAZA GPS thread

    Hi guys,

    couldn't find the "all you need to know" thread regarding the new NAZA GPS.

    Please share your experiences.

    How/where do you mount it? the manual is VERY sketchy. Pictures mounted on the DJI frames would be awesome!

    Any tips on configuration would be most welcome.

    Thanks- updating my NAZA to GPS now and I do have lots of questions :-)

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    Hi, I have a wookong M and just got a Naza + GPS to make up a second quad, everything was fine and test flying was going okay, well sort of. When in a stationary hover it all of a sudden will climb up to 10 feet then come back down, the it yo yoes up and down unless I adjust the throttle myself? Anybody got any clues?? I've tried adjusting the gains but it doesn't see to effect it?

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    James have you set the GPS COG correctly ?
    This sounds like symptoms of not putting in the correct measurements , try gains of around 145, 145 , 130 , 140 and Attitude of 135 135

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    Hello Geoff can you point me in the right direction on dx7 mix for fail safe and IOC ...I can get it all to work on simple end point adjust but can't get full function unless I leave something out.

    Like .....

    3pos switch I have gps,att,man
    Aux 2 home, man

    Is there a mix so I can have gps,att,man and failsafe using one of the d/r switches? The same with aux 2?
    I want to have a free Chanel to be able to switch LEDs on and off or maybe a second cam switch?

    Thanks in advance


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    assembling the sensor mount and positioning

    So first questions first:

    How are you supposed to assemble the GPS/Compass mount? Epoxy glue the rod to the two supports and then use double sided tape to attach it to the frame ? which side of the mount goes where?

    Also, pictures of the mount already assembled on the frame would be very helpful.


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    Heat shrink tubes are your friends. The holes in the supplied mounts are filled with foam. In a crash it will just bend over, not break.

    Only problem is my GPS doesn't work. But has a great mount job!
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    Geoff, it turns out I was being a bit of a **** and had some channels reversed on my Tx rather than in the software, it came to me about 9.30 last night and after a swap round and rebind with new failsafe it's sound as a pound, dead stable and everything checks out. Wanna buy a DX18?

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